Quality Policy

In order to establish and maintain a quality management system at Jalkeh Company, senior management of this company states its commitment to the principles of quality policy stated as follows:
1. Improve the company's technical and engineering knowledge through the use of modern technologies, the development of undergraduate and specialized human resource training.
2- Assessing the selected competencies and competencies of the selected personnel and applying planned strategies to enhance the individual's ability to efficient forces and training them in technical and managerial levels in order to create the ground for growth and activity in the field of work and construction.
3- Using scientific methods and project management standards for timely and quality delivery of projects.
4. Creating the infrastructure and work environment suitable for optimal project execution in accordance with different environmental and contractual conditions.
5. Monitoring and continuous monitoring of quality assurance management using statistics and statistical analyzes in order to achieve and continuously improve organizational commitment.
6- Development of company presence in various national and international projects using participatory methods, consisting of internal and external partners.
7- Achieving the satisfaction of the employer in accordance with the general and private conditions of the contract and the exact conformity with the technical specifications of the project and the establishment of the systems for assessing the satisfaction of the employer.
 To achieve the above objectives, the quality management system of Jalkeh Company is based on the ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and OHSAS18001 standards and, accordingly, an appropriate organizational structure, scheduling, scheduling and close monitoring of project implementation, division of labor on the basis of merit, commitment and Expertise and passage of responsibility to all employees and participation in it, as the most important factors in the implementation of the collection, are created and established. Establishment and continuity of Jalkeh's policy is one of the top management responsibilities of the company, and the responsibility for justifying and informing the employees is shared by one of the managers and officials of the company. In this regard, all levels of the company will strive to integrate and enhance the quality management system at Jalkeh Company by employing a culture of continuous improvement.